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Council Materials

February 16, 2012 — Council Letter to House Ways and Means Committee Regarding Section 420 Transfers

March 19, 2010 — ACTION ALERT: Consider Immediate Impact of Retiree Drug Subsidy Provision in Health Care Reform Legislation

March 16, 2010 — Moran Company Report: Assessing the Coverage and Budgetary Implications of Legislation Modifying the Deductibility of Retiree Drug Spending Eligible for Subsidies

March 16, 2010 — Bridge Years Coalition/Towers Watson Study: The Unintended Consequences of Eliminating the Tax Exclusion for the Medicare Retiree Drug Subsidy

January 14, 2010 — Proposed Tax on Retiree Drug Subsidies: How Much is it Really Worth?

January 10, 2010 —  Retiree Prescription Drug Subsidy: Background on Subsidy Amount and Taxation

December 11, 2009 — Joint CFO Letter to Congress Regarding Taxation of Retiree Drug Subsidy

December 10, 2009 — Council/AFL-CIO Joint Letter to Leader Reid Regarding Taxation of Retiree Drug Subsidy

December 10, 2009 — Explanation of the Impact of the Tax Change on Employer and Federal Government Costs

December 10, 2009 — Illustrative Examples of the Financial Statement Impact on Company Plan Sponsors

December 10, 2009 — Roll Call/Politico Advertisements on Retiree Drug Subsidy Taxation Issue

December 8, 2009 — FEI Letter to Senate Regarding Proposed Change to the Tax Treatment of Medicare Part D Subsidy

March 27, 2009 — Group Letter Opposing Emergency Retiree Health Benefits Protection Act (H.R. 1322)

October 2, 2008 — Council Statement for the House Education and Labor Committee Hearing Record on Safeguarding Retiree Health Benefits

April 3, 2008 — Group Letter Supporting Long-Term Care Affordability and Security Act

March 29, 2010 — Exorbitant accounting hit to businesses will continue unless health law's retiree drug subsidy provision is reversed
March 19, 2010 — Employer sponsors of retiree drug plans face immediate decision: eliminate coverage or take huge hit to earnings
March 16, 2010 — New report: health care tax on retiree health subsidy loses money, will affect prescription drug coverage

July 14, 2015 — Social Security Administration